Post #100

So this is kind of a special post for me: it’s post number one hundred! When I started this blog just over six months ago I had no idea that I’d end up writing this many posts in such a comparatively short space of time. I also had no idea whether I’d stick with this for more than a few weeks, or exactly what I’d be writing about, but here I am six months, one hundred posts, and nearly fifty followers later.

And I would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who are following this blog, or who stop by occasionally, and most especially to the people who take the time to ‘like’ my posts or share their thoughts in the comments section: I really appreciate it.

So, what have I learned? Very little about blogging (as may be apparent from time to time), as that was never my primary aim. I’ve learned how to stick pretty pictures in in various interesting ways, and how to link to other websites, but that’s about it. In terms of reviewing the learning of which this blog is a record, however, I’ve learned a great deal:

I’ve learned a lot more about the history of music, and how the different musical epochs flowed into one another.

I’ve learned more about the lives and work of some amazing artists, poets and writers.

I’ve read some really great books, and identified heaps more: enough to keep me reading for years to come.

I’ve challenged myself to get out there and take advantage of a multitude of cultural opportunities, from Opera Week to high school Shakespeare to talking to artists about their work.

I haven’t learned a great deal more about wine… definitely more experiential learning required there (hic)!

And what’s next?

I’m planning a series of posts on the history of art, similar to the series on classical music that I did a couple of months ago. Much like that, it’ll be a very simplified overview rather than anything hugely in-depth.

I’m planning on putting together some composer profiles, similar to those I’ve been doing for poets and authors.

I’m planning to continue a number of existing post series: my author and poet profiles, my treasure trove, my reading list, and paintings you should know.

I’ll probably be reducing the number of wine-related posts, as at this point I’ve profiled most of the wines that are widely consumed in New Zealand. I’ll still by drinking wine though, and there’ll be the odd wine post from time to time.

I’m hoping at some stage to take a more New Zealand focus, looking at the work of our most successful artists, writers and poets.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go read some books…

Thank you once again for sticking with me. Do you have any ideas on where I should go next? A must-read book, or a must-hear piece of music? Let me know in the comments section!


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