On My Reading List: October 2016


Having finally finished The Canterbury Tales and almost finished The Odyssey I felt it was time for a whole new stash of books, so here’s my reading list for the month.

Wordsworth (the Penguin Poetry Library): Having written about Wordsworth recently I felt the urge to explore more of his work, and picked this selection up from the local library. It features many of his most famous works and selections from The Prelude, which I intend to read in full… one day.

Spirit in a Strange Land: A Selection of New Zealand Spiritual Verse: Now some twenty years old, I was intrigued by the title of this collection, which also features two essays on contemporary New Zealand spirituality. Some of the poems are Christian, others are not, and that’s rather the point of this book.

Far from our ancient home, sundered by oceans,
Zion is builded and God is adored:
Lift we our hearts in united devotion!
Ends of the earth, join in praise to the Lord!

– God of Eternity, by Ernest Merrington

A Suitable Boy, by Vikram Seth: From contemporary New Zealand to mid-twentieth-century India, A Suitable Boy is one of the longest books ever written in the English language. It’s the story of Lata, an educated middle-class Indian woman, her family, and her efforts to find the eponymous suitable boy to marry. Although I’m not even a fifth of the way in and have never been to India I’m already distinctly fond of Lata and feel as though I’ve visited the fictional city of Brahmpur.

The Story of Philosophy, by Bryan Magee: Philosophy is an area about which I know almost nothing, and I’m hoping this book will prove a helpful introduction to the subject. It’s a DK guide, so not excessively long, and lush with pictures, making it an attractive as well as hopefully informative book.

See What I Can See: New Zealand photography for the young and the curious, by Gregory O’Brien: A generous gift from Whanganui’s Sarjeant Art Gallery after I took a group of children in for a visit, this book is aimed at children and introduces them to contemporary New Zealand photography. It’s interesting enough that I’ve snaffled it away to flick through myself before actually allowing the children to have it.

So, what are you reading at the moment?


2 thoughts on “On My Reading List: October 2016

  1. Great list. Another enjoyable book about the history of philosophy is Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder. I read it many years ago when I was a little younger haha, but remember thoroughly enjoying it. Happy reading!


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