Recommended Read: Female Artists in History (Facebook page)

Into the Light-14, by Marion van Nieuwpoort, 2007. Love the contrast in this painting: stillness and movement, washed-out neutrals and bright pinks.

I’ve been following the Female Artists in History Facebook page for several months now, and wanted to share it here for anyone who might be interested. Curated by two women, Christa Zaat and Carel Ronk, the page presents works, primarily paintings, by women artists along with brief biographies.

And it turns out there are a lot of them. All the well-known names are there: Artemisia Gentileschi, Frida Kahlo, Mary Cassatt, Georgia O’Keefe… but there are also heaps of names that I (and probably you) have never come across before.

Nor is the page a sop to representation at all costs for artists who are sub-standard but happen to be female. Every painting is of the highest quality, and drawn from a range of styles, subjects, and periods. In fact, if I have one complaint it’s that they occasionally post too many amazing pictures, and I just don’t have time to pay proper attention to them all when I’m on a quick scroll through my newsfeed.

Below are just two of my favourites, which I loved enough to share on my own page. Louise Ingram Rayner’s painting of Stonegate in York caught my eye immediately as I used to live in York and instantly recognised the Minster in the background. I love the light, airy feeling of the work, which contrasts with the ragged state of some of the people in the foreground. And while Expressionism isn’t usually my thing, I found the energy and vibrant colour of Dora Hitz’s work instantly appealing.

Check them out and let me know what you think.


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