Recommended Read: Book List Challenges (Facebook page)

Like many people whose dominant learning style is Reading (VARK: Visual, Aural, Reading, Kinesthetic), I just love lists, so a Facebook page dedicated to lists of books to read, where you can check off the ones you’ve already read and compare your score to other users, is an extremely happy-making thing for me.

They have an increasing number of other lists as well, but book list challenges still feature regularly. One of my favourites, and one which was a starting-point for The Culture Project, was The BBC Book List Challenge, which apparently has nothing to do with the BBC but did the rounds of the internet a couple of years back with the sub-heading ‘the BBC believes you’ve only read six of these books.’ The average Goodreads user has a score of 23/100. I started at 38/100 in October 2014 and am now at 66/100, not counting all the other books I’ve read which don’t feature on this list.

What’s your score? Are you pleased with it? Surprised? Displeased? Let me know.


2 thoughts on “Recommended Read: Book List Challenges (Facebook page)

  1. 25. Probably a pretty bad score. That said, I find the list a bit biased towards English lit (not surprising for the BBC), but the Russians were barely present, the French also got a tiny number, and I German speaking writers were barely even present.


    1. Yes, I noticed some pretty glaring omissions as well, although as I said in my post it wasn’t actually put together by the BBC so it probably just reflects the biases of the unknown individual who did put it together.

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