Local Culture: Artists Open Studios 2017


Troll head sculpture by Raymond de la Haye, viewed in his sculpture garden in upper Aramoho
The last weekend in March and the first weekend in April saw the return of Artists Open Studios, a highlight of the Whanganui artistic calendar during which local artists open their studios to members of the public. This year almost eighty studios and over a hundred artists participated, so I was rather glad when the Significant Other (who hadn’t ‘done’ AOS before) went through the artists catalogue and highlighted a dozen studios which particularly interested him, as it spared me the agony of trying to decide. I did, however, insist on a visit to the studio of my favourite local artist, Tina Drayton. Continue reading “Local Culture: Artists Open Studios 2017”

A Sense of Place: Favourites from Artists Open Studios

Watt Fountain
Whanganui’s Watt Fountain, a memorial to the town’s first mayor, William Hogg Watt, constructed 1881.

With such a huge range of art by some very talented artists on offer, it isn’t easy to pick out favourites from Artists Open Studios, but I wanted to highlight the work of two artists whose work I particularly loved for their sense of place. Sadly, as photography is banned at AOS I’m unable to post pictures of the specific paintings that caught my eye, but I hope by giving a description and posting a few pictures which the artists in question have made available online that I’ll be able to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Continue reading “A Sense of Place: Favourites from Artists Open Studios”