Author Profile: James Joyce (1842-1941)

Joyce 1915
James Joyce, 1915.

Much like Charles Dickens, James Joyce’s early life was shaped by his family’s gradual descent from relative middle-class prosperity into poverty, exacerbated by his father’s drinking and financial irresponsibility, a pattern which Joyce himself would repeat in his early adulthood. But in spite of this, Joyce would become one of the most influential writers of the 20th century, and in particular in the modernist stream-of-consciousness style. Continue reading “Author Profile: James Joyce (1842-1941)”

English Literature in 10 Classic Reads

The French may have a reputation for making the best wine. The Italians and the Dutch may have been renowned for centuries as the world’s finest artists. Germany may have produced some of history’s greatest composers. But when it comes to words, no-one does it quite like the English. Continue reading “English Literature in 10 Classic Reads”