In My Wine Rack

My wine rack. Note that it contains only wine, rather than random bottles of vinegar, olive oil, fizzy drink… I am quite proud of this.

While popping away the wine from my weekly shop recently I noticed that my very modest six-space wine rack was, for the very first time, completely full of bottles of wine. On closer examination I was rather pleased to realise that I had what I think passes as a well-balanced selection. Continue reading “In My Wine Rack”

Wine Profile: Chardonnay

Chardonnay wine and grapes, (c) Wine Folly.

I can tell the weather is finally warming up when my wine-drinking habits shift from predominantly red to predominantly white, and my white wine of choice is the horrendously unfashionable (and yet still popular) Chardonnay. Continue reading “Wine Profile: Chardonnay”