Wine Tasting: Ohau Wines

Ohau 2An hour and a half south of Whanganui lies the closest thing to a local winery: Ohau Wines, between Otaki and Levin. On a recent trip south to visit my sister in Wellington I decided to stop in. It was a cold, grey day, but the welcome at the small cellar door was warm and the marketing manager (whose name I regrettably forgot to ask) was passionate and knowledgeable.

I came to know of Ohau Wines when I discovered their Woven Stone range in a local supermarket, but I was amazed by the range of wines they had available – enough that I had to decline to taste many of them to ensure I could continue south safely and legally. Woven Stone (which is good wine) is their low-end, mass-produced supermarket range, and the winery has been doing some interesting things with their direct-sale-only wines. Continue reading “Wine Tasting: Ohau Wines”

Summer Holidays #1: Brick Bay Winery


I was fortunate enough to be invited away on holiday over New Year’s this year, to stay with friends in Wellsford just north of Auckland. As well as offering the opportunity to catch up with people I hadn’t spent time with in far too long, the Auckland region offered a number of interesting activities, some of which are relevant to this blog. One of the first on my list was a visit to a winery, and on this trip I chose Brick Bay Winery in Matakana. Continue reading “Summer Holidays #1: Brick Bay Winery”

Wine Profile: Rosé

With summer well under way, Rosé is very much the wine of the moment here in New Zealand. Even my local discount supermarket now stocks a small selection (at discount supermarket prices), so naturally I decided to hop aboard the band wagon.

Rose colours
Fifty Shades of Rosé, (c) Wine Folly

Unlike other wines that I’ve profiled, Rosé is not a type of grape, but rather a reference to the colour of the wine, which is pink (‘rosé’ in French). Being curious as to how that distinctive colour was obtained, I looked up how Rose is made and discovered that there are a number of methods, Continue reading “Wine Profile: Rosé”