The Really Simple Guide To Modern Art Styles

Modern art. There are probably few terms which provoke a stronger reaction, usually along the lines of either a) “my kid could draw that”, b) “that’s indecent and should be banned”, or c) “huh?” But behold, I share with you this handy-dandy guide to identifying the various styles of modern art, explained with a giraffe. Continue reading “The Really Simple Guide To Modern Art Styles”

Christianity, culture and Culture

It is sometimes difficult in our modern, secularised world to remember just how big a part religion has played in most people’s lives throughout history. By today’s standards I’m something of an oddball: a 30-something female who regularly goes to church, reads her Bible, and believes that Jesus Christ is the one true Son of God, the giver of salvation and eternal life. Continue reading “Christianity, culture and Culture”

Learning to Look at a Painting

‘– a day of dappled seaborne clouds.
The phrase and the day and the scene harmonised in a chord. Words… Did he then love the rhythmic rise and fall of words better than their associations of legend and colour? Or was it that, being as weak of sight as he was shy of mind, he drew less pleasure from the reflection of the glowing sensible world through the prism of a language manycoloured and richly storied than from the contemplation of an inner world of individual emotions mirrored perfectly in a lucid supple periodic prose?’ – James Joyce, ‘A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man’

Continue reading “Learning to Look at a Painting”